Rapid Prototyping & On-demand Manufacturing
for Robotics Industry

Robotics is an interdisciplinary research sector at the interface of computer science and engineering dedicated in a range of design,construction,and the use of mechanical robots.

To offer a congrate grasp of robotics by refreshing different types of robots and how robots are being applied across industries and our daily lives.

To meet the rapid development of robotics we prototype manufacturing to assist bring the idea to reality in a short time with lowest cost to make sure the new product get into market faster.

Kaiao with advantages of quick response to the received 3D drawings offering the quotation and decide the good solution to create the custom parts in good quality done by CNC Milling,Die Casting,3D printing,strict tolerance and right material both metal and plastic with surface finishing powder coating, painting &anodizing.

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It goes without saying that quality is vital to the success of any manufacturing project. When it comes to rapid manufacturing the importance is magnified due to the need to get it right the first time.

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Process orders online, provide online quotes and deliver in the shortest time

Safety And Security

Security and information confidentiality, we provide one-stop technical support

QA/QC Satisfied

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, and AS9100D.

Application for the Robotics Industry

✔ Low volume prototype, pilot, or short-term production support using: Injection molding, urethane casting, small part stampings

✔ Production parts supply: Bridge tooling & parts supply, low to medium volume tooling parts supply, service parts supply using new or existing tooling

✔ Rapid prototyping with: Additive manufacturing, CNC machining

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