All about Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing in Aerospace Defense

Rapid prototyping for UAVs

The development of the aerospace and defense industries has been a significant driving force for technological advancement over the last century. From early aviation to the modern era of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aerospace and defense have broken through the limits of what is possible with cutting-edge technology. One critical aspect of aerospace and defense manufacturing […]

A Guide to Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping: Definition, Processing, Materials

rapid sheet metals

Rapid sheet metal fabrication has emerged as one of the most famous ways of designing prototypes before scaling up any commercial and industrial process. Ranging from designing automotive parts to construction parts to metal furniture, rapid sheet metal prototyping provides the easiest way of designing prototypes in a wide-ranging industry. The low weight, easy handling, […]

Everything about Fast Prototyping Manufacturing Methods

fast prototype

Rapid prototyping is widely used in a wide variety of industries whenever industries need to launch a product for commercial purposes. Fast prototyping involves a diverse set of techniques to fabricate a product model that has to be launched commercially or used in any assembly line. Previously, fast prototyping was mostly used for designing and […]

An Ultimate Guide to Fast Prototyping

fast prototype

Fast prototyping has been around us for a long time and has contributed a lot to the manufacturing industry, feeding back to its self-development. As reported by Fortune Business Insight, the global rapid prototyping market was valued at USD 455.3 million in 2020, and it was expected to grow to 1,496.7 million dollars at a […]

How to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Company?

rapid prototyping in kaiao

Rapid prototyping manufacturing products can be seen everywhere in your life: automotive, smartphone, precision devices, etc. Besides, it is also commonly used in the aerospace, financial services, and healthcare industries. The large market demand for rapid prototyping has expedited many rapid prototyping suppliers. However, facing a wide range of choices, how do you choose the […]

What is Aluminum Die Casting | Everything you need to know 2022


What is Aluminum Die Casting? Die casting is a manufacturing process that produces a metal part by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. Aluminum is the preferred metal for die casting due to its lightweight, high strength, and chemical resistance. The aluminum die-casting process is typically used in the manufacture of […]

The Best Ways to Make Metal Prototype 2022 – KAIAO


A metal prototype is a physical representation of a product before it is mass-produced on an industrial scale. These prototypes can be made using various materials such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. The goal of making these prototypes can be to receive feedback from others, to test the design, or to secure investment funding […]

Several new directions in the development of 3D printing

3D printing service, also known as additive manufacturing, is a rapid prototyping technology. It is based on digital model files, using powdered metal or plastic and other bondable materials to construct objects by printing layer by layer. A technology. This year the 3D printing industry still maintains a good development trend and will develop in […]